New Year, New Media, New Malls

New Year, New Media, New Malls

It’s the New Year. Are you still using old media products? For the battle of the eyeballs, out-of-home (OOH) solutions—think mall advertising, billboards and digital signage—continue to be a winner in the media world. OOH is considered one of the best forms of pure-play advertising because you can’t skip through, click off or block them.

Malls today are a focus of entertainment and our Rochester area malls—Eastview Mall, The Mall at Greece Ridge and The Marketplace Mall—draw nearly 23 million visitors annually. So even if your business isn’t in the mall, your customers are. Best of all, shoppers see OOH ads while they are in the purchase-ready mind frame, when they are most receptive to useful information.

We are ringing in 2016 with more locations and new products. You are most likely familiar with our eight digital signage kiosks at Eastview Mall. We are excited to announce our new and expanded advertising solutions available at The Mall at Greece Ridge and The Marketplace Mall.

The Mall at Greece Ridge now offers print media (header banners, skylight banners, entrance wraps, barricade wraps, oh my). Coming this February, seven digital signage kiosks featuring :15 second, full-motion, HD videos ads will be available throughout Greece Ridge as well. The Marketplace Mall has available print advertising solutions, including column wraps, header banners, entrance wraps and barricade wraps.

Bring your message into focus with WalkUp Advertising

Engage shoppers with your :15 second, full-motion, HD video ad

Eastview Mall
8 digital signage kiosks

The Mall at Greece Ridge
7 digital signage kiosks

The power of print. Attract shoppers with print advertising

The Mall at Greece Ridge
9 Sky Banners
7 Header Banners
10 Entrances
Barricades (limited availability)

The Marketplace Mall
16 Header Banners
7 Column Banners
3 Entrances
Barricades (limited availability)

What better way to engage and attract customers and get your message in front of that many eyeballs than mall advertising?! Connect and engage with millions of visitors annually across Rochester at Eastview Mall, The Mall at Greece Ridge and The Marketplace Mall. Let us help you bring your message into focus at WalkUp Advertising.

If we caught your eye and you want to learn more about our new media products, check out our updated website and contact us today!