When One Ad Closes, Another One Opens

When One Ad Closes, Another One Opens

In today’s digital society, web and mobile advertisements are the most popular ways to deliver a message to consumers. However, it can also be seen as one of the most intrusive.

Just think, how many times you have tried to skip through an ad on a video or immediately clicked the ‘X’ on a pop-up. Trying to get rid of these ads as soon as possible is a behavior that has become second nature over time. Sooner or later, this behavior was bound to start a revolution…

Ad blocking? There’s an app for that.
Apple’s latest update launched the new iOS9 operating system allowing “content blockers” to be downloaded by users. One of the most popular downloads, Purify, is an app aimed to salvage the consumer experience on their mobile device by blocking unwanted ads – allowing users to browse in peace. But with over $22 billion in global ad revenue being blocked this year alone, imagine how this number will continue to grow with more content blocking software being introduced. What if mobile advertising were to become obsolete? How would advertisers deliver their message…more importantly, how would you deliver your message?

Discover Walkup Advertising
Digital disruption is the way of the past. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) media is the way of the future. With DOOH, advertisers now have the ability to interact and engage with your customers using relevant content that enhances their overall experience. Marketers need to move beyond the current intrusive, mobile standards and start gaining real consumer engagement through captivating advertisements significant to your audience. Walkup Advertising offers a consumer-centric medium that connects your message with the environment of the user and the mindset they are in. No disruption, no noise, and no blocking. Just pure engagement that reaches your audience with relevant and targeted messages while they are on the go.

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