The Right Mix: Shopper Marketing and Mall Advertising.

The Right Mix: Shopper Marketing and Mall Advertising.

Shopper marketing is a hot “buzzword” that describes in-store marketing campaigns that reach consumers. One of the key drivers of shopper marketing is the need to pay more attention to how people make decisions and buy. According to Shopper Marketing 5.0, a recent trade publication, the discipline of shopper marketing emerged from the realization that influencing consumers when they are in “shopping mode” can enhance sales and return on investment (ROI).

Whether your customer is buying pasta at a grocery store or perfume at department store, 76% of purchase decisions are being made in-store (Source: POPAI 2012 Shopper Engagement Study). Retailers need to make sure they stay relevant in the shopper’s mind during purchase cycle decision-making.  No matter your business’ marketing mindset, it’s important to bridge the gap between shopper marketing and consumer marketing. A successful winning combination is an integrated and strategic approach to driving sales and brand awareness.

A great medium to help retailers stay relevant and increase brand exposure is with mall advertising. Mall advertising is a point-of-purchase medium where shoppers can be actively influenced and responsive to a brand message, which can be converted into a buying event. Shopping malls deliver high traffic and desirable audiences targeting consumers in a purchase-ready mindset.

Mall Ads

·         Reach shoppers in high traffic areas

·         Engage shoppers when they willing to act on impulse

·         Ideal for targeting women, teenagers and young adults

·         Drive traffic to retailers

Want to have the most influence on a consumer’s purchase decision? The most effective time to reach them is when they are ready to shop.  Want a great ROI? For unparalleled reach and frequency, look no further than your local shopping mall.

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